Umbrella is a organized company dedicated to the operations of our multi-company business. Umbrella has constructed a one stop business to handle all of our clients needs from marketing, fashion design, pageantry and image consulting, public relations, event planning, human resource services, event planning and etc. Umbrella is focused on dedicating its time to its clients. Umbrella Operations and Holdings is parent company to multiple businesses. Umbrella manages and handles all bundle services needed by our clients and their businesses. We offer a full array of public relations services to help build your business. With publicity and media relations, direct mail, internet marketing, and other tactics, Umbrella will create a program based on solid business-to-business benefits and value oriented messaging, awareness that drives demand and impacts a companies bottom line. Our clients expect strong results from our work, and get them. A brand is a company's most valuable asset... or serious results deficiency. Umbrella's Branding Services helps companies identify, develop, organize and promote a differentiated corporate or product identity. Umbrella's Brand Audits, Brand Workshops, Brand Architecture, Identity Development and Messaging platform brings strategic coherence to all brand communications. A brand is not simply a logo, instead the most valuable brands marry inspirational positioning with consistent communication to produce long-term value.  

Navigating Through Business Thunderstorms 
**Since 1998 **
Umbrella Operations & Holdings LLC